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Have you always wanted to sing but just not sure whether you can?
Have you had a problem with singing that you just can’t fix?
Do you have a special event coming up where you’d love to be able to sing?
Do you crave that leading role but wish you could sing with more control?
Are you lacking in self confidence?
Are you hoping to apply to Theatre School or University?
Then lessons with me could be the answer.

People want to learn to sing for a whole variety of reasons and that is why one to one private lessons work. You can:

* Explore and develop your voice at your own pace in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment.
*Learn exercises and techniques to improve breath control, voice projection, posture, increase vocal range and improve tonal quality.
*Work on characterisation and dramatic skills to improve overall performance.
*Feel good about yourself and gain heaps of confidence.
*Fulfil your ambition to sing.